The Cathedral of Saint Helena, Helena, MT

Built in 1908, the Cathedral of St. Helena stands as a remarkable landmark, showcasing exceptional architecture. The Durable Restoration Company is proud to be part of preserving this historic structure.

The restoration will take two years, split into two phases. Initially, The Durable Restoration Company will repair the South tower and Steeple. Beginning spring 2024, Phase 2 will start, focusing on the North Tower and center face. Both phases involve repairing cracked limestone, stabilizing the towers, and fully repointing the upper third of each tower with historically accurate mortar.

The steeple’s existing Terra Cotta Tile roof will be documented, removed, and replaced with new heavy-weight underlayment. Any found deteriorated wood will be fixed, and the Terra Cotta Tiles reinstalled in their original arrangement. Hurricane clips will be added to prevent tile displacement during strong winds. To ensure the steeple’s roofing system’s durability, current metal flashings will be substituted with new copper flashings.

As The Durable Restoration Company restores the Cathedral of St. Helena, the community can look forward to witnessing the rebirth of this architectural masterpiece.

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