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Structural Stabilization

Basic to the integrity of any structure is ensuring that it remains upright and intact against the force of gravity. Soil erosion, moisture, poorly designed modifications, substandard quality of materials or craftsmanship, and deterioration due to aging are among the many factors that are threats to a stability of a building.
Some of the types of structural stabilization work that we perform with our own personnel include shoring, underpinning, wood beam replacement, structural steel, foundation repair, threaded rods and plates, and graphite rod with structural epoxy.
Westminster Presbyterian, Dayton, OH
Whether it is an old house at the mercy of an unstable ravine, sagging cantilevered eaves of a Frank Lloyd Wright building, or a 200+ year old hotel in need of structural stabilization, Durable Restoration can provide the proper materials, ingenuity, and skill to handle the numerous structural problems historical buildings are subject to experiencing. We have never had a failed structural stabilization project, and this is an area where the smallest errors and failures are unacceptable.

As V.P. for construction for Durable Restoration, Joe Cugini oversees the most difficult aspects of our structural stabilization projects. With four decades and hundreds of millions of dollars of completed construction projects in his resume as a project superintendent, Joe is unsurpassed when it comes to solving very difficult structural problems.

Featured Project: Steeple Square, Dubuque, IA

steeple square in iowa copper spire when viewed from below
steeple square, dubuque, iowa, close-up
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