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The Durable Restoration Company is restoring the Cathedral of St. Helena
Built in 1908, the Cathedral of St. Helena stands as a remarkable landmark, showcasing exceptional architecture. The Durable Restoration Company is proud to be part of preserving this historic structure.
the george widrick house before restoration work begins, as seen from the front
We will selectively rake out and repoint the masonry with historically appropriate, custom matched lime mortar; repair the wood elements on the exterior of the building; and recoat the metal roof.
Preservation efforts include replacing the cedar shake roof with an in-kind replacement; repairing and preserving the upper floor windows, trim, and dormers; and, finally, repairing and resetting the upper belltower.
For this project, Durable Restoration performed a full repoint on sections throughout the Embassy as well as spot pointing on lower sections below the balcony.
Besides historic plaster work on the Cloister Sanctuary and Little Chapel, The Durable Restoration Company will be restoring the cemetery's magnificent mahogany doors.  The Battery Jameson's undercarriage and the Liberty Bell's headworks will both be historically replicated and replaced.
For this project, we repaired and painted areas of decaying wood on the south side of the farmhouse.
front facing picture of godfrey miller center in winchester virginia after durable restoration work has concluded
The Durable Restoration Company will consolidate, fill, and paint the wood elements of the house. In extreme cases of damage, the wood may need to be patched or replaced – but this will only happen if the damage is beyond repair.
We will be undertaking slate roof repair, stone façade repair, and exterior carpentry repair, doing our part to transform historic Grosvenor Mansion into Hope Connections.
We are restoring elements of the roof, the exterior envelope and front porch, windows and doors, as well as the first floor's Council Chambers and dining room.
The Durable Restoration Company is undertaking a full exterior restoration of the front façade and two steeples of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
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