Westminster Presbyterian, Dayton, OH

Don Holton and DRC crewman have been working with Westminster Presbyterian, their engineer, and their organ company to rectify a major structural problem in the organ pipe loft located above the altar.

To this end, the DRC crew installed over a dozen steel beams and plates, along with over 1,600 engineered fasteners. These structural installations were needed to strengthen the wall that supports the largest pipe organ in the state of Ohio, The Casavant Organ.

In addition, the frescos, plaster columns, and plaster ceilings all sustained damage due to a leak in a roof drainage pipe. The Durable Restoration crew restored the plaster using a traditional three coat plaster repair.

After the plaster repairs had properly cured, our crew painstakingly recreated the original 1925 era frescos. The result is a seamless repair that is as invisible as it is beautiful.

Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum


The restoration of this monument was completed from January through May 2019. Matilda Stanley, Gypsy Queen of the U.S., was royally buried at Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum in 1878. It is exceedingly rare that royalty would be buried here, but here she rests with a newly restored monument.  In October 2015, it became apparent that the monument was not level and beginning to sink. Durable Restoration was brought in to make emergency repairs, which included a new concrete base around the cemetery monument and concrete walkway.