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Steeples, Spires, & Domes

Steeples and spires are usually tall and have limited access. As a result, they are often not repaired until they have deteriorated to the point where they are structurally unstable. Repairing steeples and spires while the structure is still in good condition is quite important, especially considering the fact that most steeples are the highest point within their vicinity and are unprotected from the high winds generated by storms.
The Durable Restoration Company has repaired or restored dozens of steeples and has the expertise to properly diagnose and repair problems with them.

We have repaired steeples that had leaked for decades due to inexpert diagnosis from other professionals. Whether restoring the roof, or duplicating ornamental pieces, or major structural repair, or building an entire new steeple and hoisting it in place, Durable Restoration has the expertise to complete any steeple project.

Featured Project: Steeple Square, Dubuque, IA

steeple square in iowa copper spire when viewed from below
steeple square, dubuque, iowa, close-up
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