Columbus Foundation, Columbus, OH

riginal skylights on historic buildings often play a significant architectural role in the exterior of the building, while also helping to illuminate magnificent interior spaces. Many of these historic skylights are difficult to access for repair, and it is common to find poorly repaired, leaky skylights on older buildings. The work to restore these old skylights often involves repairing and sometimes re-designing structural elements.  If the skylights are not easy to get to, it is best to perform the work necessary to ensure many more decades of service, rather than just a band-aid repair. This would usually involve repair or replacement of the glass, flashings, structural members, and sealants. Durable Restoration has the capability of performing all of this work with its own personnel.

Durable Restoration restored the skylight and copper cupola atop the First United Methodist Church in Lancaster, Ohio in time for the church’s centennial celebration. The project included restoration of the stained glass below the historic skylight. At the successful completion of this project, Durable Restoration was awarded the NRCA Gold Circle Award, as well as the NRCA National Safety Award, the only such award given out by the NRCA for the year.

a restored skylight above lincoln's birthplace in hodgenville kentucky
Columbus Foundation, Columbus, OH
historic skylight, before restoration has begun example 1
historic skylight example before restoration has begun example 2
historic skylight after restoration has been completed, example 2
historic skylight after restoration has completed, example 2

Featured Project: Steeple Square

the durable restoration company being awarded the IFD award for Steeple Square
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