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Cemeteries and Monuments

The restoration of monuments and cemeteries is a choice for protecting and paying homage to the past. 

These monuments are a remembrance of a person, place, or significant event in history and are, by definition, something to be remembered and preserved.
We have taken on monument and cemetery restoration projects. Some of the scopes we work within are restoring the hardscapes and metallic elements, such as copper, bronze, or brass, as well as cleaning the monuments with environmentally safe cleaners, re-footing the monuments, and coming up with unique solutions to honor the monument as it stands. Doing such, the importance of proper assessment and diagnosis takes priority because restoring these monuments and cemeteries correctly is the only way to respect their significance.

Featured Project: Steeple Square, Dubuque, IA

steeple square in iowa copper spire when viewed from below
steeple square, dubuque, iowa, close-up
Project Details