Stifel Fine Arts Center

The Stifel Fine Arts Center will receive a new repaired Ludowici clay-tile roof from The Durable Slate Company, as well as masonry restoration along the parapet wall and underneath the cornice.

The Stifel Fine Arts Center entered existence in 1910 as the home of Edward W. Stifel, Sr., and his wife Emily Pollock Stifel. The Stifel family had risen to fortune and prominence due to their calico printing enterprise, enabling them to build this Neoclassical Revival home. Designed by architect Charles W. Bates, the home continued in family hands even after the textile factory was disbanded. The Stifel family donated the home in 1976 to the Oglebay Institute, who transformed it into a fine arts center still bearing the Stifel name.

The Durable Slate Company and sister company Durable Restoration are providing The Stifel Fine Arts Center with a new Ludowici tile roof, to match the current tile roof. Ludowici tiles, fashioned by the Ludowici company in New Lexington, Ohio, have been continuously manufactured in the United States since the 1880s. This makes the roof faithful to its historic precedents.

Durable Slate and Durable Restoration are also undertaking the masonry restoration along the parapet wall and underneath the cornice. Erosion, pollution, and biological growth all conspire to cause historic masonry to crack and spall. Durable masons will be patching and strengthening the historical fabric to ensure that the Stifel Fine Arts Center can be functioning optimally and looking its best for many years to come.


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