Upper Arlington, Ohio

Built in 1955, in a style typical of upscale 1950’s Midwest suburbia, this house underwent a dramatic transformation.  The owner, who grew up in the area and wished to remain in close proximity to her family nearby, wanted something of a more traditional French style than was available in the neighborhood.  This project included the following:

  • built new second story addition for master suite
  • built new turret in front of the house with slate installed in a European style topped with custom designed copper finial
  • built new kitchen bay
  • finished inside of turret with traditional plaster
  • finished exterior walls with stone, stucco, and French clay tile
Sandy Keller
It was exciting to see the transformation.  I never could have imagined how great the custom slate pattern would look.  The finial that Durable Restoration (Bill) designed is the perfect finishing touch.  The turret looks like it was always a part of the house…
… I am absolutely thrilled with the results.  Every time I look at the house I smile.
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