The Durable Way

The Durable Restoration Company was founded in 2008 when our sister company, The Durable Slate Company, afforded us the opportunity to grow into a full service exterior restoration company. Since then we have been proud to preserve our nation’s cultural heritage, one building at a time.
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The Durable Way

Proper Assessment

Proper assessment and the resulting plan of action is very important in many businesses and none more so than historic restoration work. In certain aspects of restoration, this proper assessment is as important as the skill of the work itself, and may mean success or utter failure for a project. Examples include smaller projects like “unsolvable” roof leaks, as well as actions involving large portions of a building such as plaster, paint, masonry pointing and structural stabilization. Many smaller contractors have skilled workmen but lack the professional and technical resources to properly assess and diagnose the more challenging aspects of restoration work.
outside of cincinnati terminal

Skilled Artisans

At Durable Restoration, we employ skilled artisans in more than a dozen traditional trades. Some of these are among the best in the country and have won numerous regional and national awards. A number of our artisans were artists who translated their artistic skills into the building trades. But it is their skill in every aspect of their work including client relations, job management, and dedication to perfection that make them such a special group. First, only personnel who show this type of skill and dedication become part of the Durable Restoration team. This is followed by extensive in-house training to a high uniform standard that is overseen by dedicated quality control division personnel. Our workmen must pass a drug test upon hire which is followed up by random testing.
restoring a cemetery monument by hand with applied mortar

Quality Control

Our Quality Control staff assures that our jobs are completed to a uniformly, high standard. However, they address much more than the quality of the craft, as our QC staff works with our personnel on everything from the initial client contact to the handling of administrative, technical, and safety training, as well as checking all jobs to make sure that they are being handled the Durable Way. This assures the client of a smooth job completed with high quality. Overall company quality was a principle reason we received the International Award for Marketplace Ethics by the Better Business Bureau.

Our Offices

Columbus (Main) Office

3933 Groves Road
Columbus, Ohio 43232

Phone: (614) 643-4104
Fax: (614) 299-7100
Cincinnati Office

170 Novner Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45215

Phone: (513) 621-3455
Fax: (513) 621-3466
Cleveland Office

3705 Lee Road
Suite C
Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120

Phone: (216) 751-0151
Fax: (216) 889-7663
New Orleans Office

2117 Veterans Blvd
Suite 341
Metaire, LA 70002

Phone: (504) 899-8422
Fax: (504) 899-8442
Indianapolis Office

Field Office

Phone: (317) 925-8453
Mid Atlantic Office

8725 Bollman Place
Suite 8
Savage, Maryland 20763

Phone: (240) 650-9780

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Steeple Square, Dubuque, IA
close up of steeple square in dubuque, ia
john chan gary howes accepting IFD award for steeple square
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