he original three-coat lime plaster that was used almost exclusively until the end of the 19th century is unmatched in its strength and durability, and is very fire and acoustic resistant. Today, that process is still available with the plaster artisans at Durable Restoration. Besides full coat plaster, a less expensive two-coat veneer plaster is also available that has a very similar look and performance to full coat plaster.

Replacing original lime and gypsum plaster can be very costly. Even when the original plaster appears quite damaged from moisture or structural movement, it can often be satisfactorily repaired without complete replacement. However, the process of plaster repair should be completed by a qualified plaster specialist as there are many factors that contribute to failed plaster, and very precise and correct actions must be taken to make proper repairs. The analysis of what to do and the performance of those actions both take considerable experience and skill.