We shape our buildings; thereafter, our buildings shape us.
Winston Churchill

esign/build is a method of project delivery in which a single company is responsible for both design and construction.

The design/build approach offers an owner significant advantages over other delivery methods. These include single source responsibility for all planning, design, and construction services, guaranteed project cost and schedule, and the ability to eliminate change orders.  It can reduce the project delivery time by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project.  Project costs are often reduced because the  builder in developing the design concept includes cost-saving ideas or methods.

Though not as common today, historically the design/build process has been the norm, wherein the constructor assumed total project accountability from inception to completion.  This system is a return to those fundamental ideals of project organization.

The design/build process starts when a building owner has a building which needs to be restored or renovated. The owner has a basic idea of the end product and lists out these requirements. Durable Restoration then develops a concept along with a schedule and cost projections, often with a guaranteed maximum price.  This conceptual process is developed by our senior construction personnel along with very seasoned historic architects.  If the proposals are acceptable to the owner, our company would then complete the design work, and proceed to carry out the restoration process to completion.