ood windows and doors on historic buildings are often an important architectural element and should be restored when possible. Wood window restoration and weatherization can often be done at a savings in cost from replacement with new windows. A proper evaluation is the first step as a window can be deteriorated or non-functioning for a number of reasons such as moisture; poor condition of paint; lack or excessive layers of paint; poor design or maintenance, etc.

These reasons may need to be resolved prior to window restoration or replacement. The repairs generally involve some or all of the following: paint removal, repairs to sash, replacement of glass, repairs to frame with new wood or wood epoxy, repair or replace hardware, repair or replacement of surrounding trim, weatherization, and re-painting.

The process with a door is similar, beginning with removal and paint stripping, and ending with painting, hardware restoration or replacement, and re-installation. When necessary, Durable Restoration has the capability of recreating any wood window or door from scratch.