Fair Street Christian Church

For this project, we restored both the interior and exterior. This included rebuilding the landing and stairs, decorative copper work, and a new patterned slate roof.


Our award winning job on this 19th century church began with structural stabilization to the steeple.  Landings and stairs that had long ago deteriorated and were missing when we arrived were rebuilt to original.  Following this interior structural work, we restored the interior and exterior of the masonry, including re-pointing.  Other restoration work on this church included:

  • new black, green, and red patterned slate roof on entire roof including steeple
  • new copper gutters and downspouts
  • replaced all the protective storm windows over the stained glass windows with new windows that we custom designed to improve lighting and security
  • replicated and replaced ornate windows original to the building
  • replicated and installed extensive decorative copper work all over roof, steeple, gable ends, louvers, and soffits
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