Through the guidance of a renowned expert, Durable Restoration revived portions of the marble façade of a federal court house in Savannah, Georgia.

John Harry, a well-respected consultant from Edison Coatings, Inc., trained Durable Restoration employees in marble stone patching. The marble façade had ruptured and cracked from years of rusting steel beams pushing out the exterior of the building.

“We’re a national restoration contractor that merges historic trades and material with modern technology,” said Brad Brobeck, an expert in historic preservation and a Durable Restoration branch manager.

After grinding out and patching the marble to the proper depth, masons rebuilt decorative elements through hand-carved techniques. Because of his 20 years in masonry restoration for commercial clients, John Harry also showed Durable Restoration employees how to match the color, texture and carbon aging of the existing marble.

“Anyone can tear a building apart, but it takes an artisan to put it back together,” Brobeck said.

Foreman Don Holton led the Durable Restoration crew, which consisted of Adam Holton, Earl Newton and Kyle Hays.

Lee Construction chose Durable Restoration as a subcontractor because of our company’s reputation and previous experience dismantling and resetting large stones on historic structures. Lee Construction, chosen by the U.S. General Services Administration, serves as the primary contractor.

After a thorough look through the entire job, the U.S. General Services Administration announced that it had passed inspection in late November, according to Lee Construction Project Manager Tim Howell.

“Everything went well. The government’s happy, I’m happy,” Howell said. “Durable did a good job here.”

Durable Restoration’s scope of work is below:

  • Using steel beams and bracing to support the structural load
  • Removal of the marble stone to facilitate the repair of two 20-foot rusting steel beams
  • Installation of new, coated steel beams and re-installing the existing stone and marble façade
  • Marble stone patching using Pump-X 53, System 45, and System 55
  • Marble restoration to match historic standards using Liquid Dirt 95
  • Repointing the mortar joints

Durable Restoration has been working on the project for the last year and finished repairs in late November.

“To be part of this project’s timeline is humbling,” Brobeck said. “Because of our work, this building will be here long after we’re gone and inspiring generations to come.”

Edison Coatings, Inc. is a leading corporation in the production of high performance waterborne coatings for concrete and masonry.

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