Steeple Square, Dubuque, IA

As one of the tallest steeples in Dubuque, IA, Steeple Square will be receiving much-needed repairs this year.

Late last year, Durable Restoration was awarded the contract to repair portions of Steeple Square, the former St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Dubuque, Iowa. Standing at 211 feet high, the church’s steeple will need a complete metal restoration.

Through the use of scaffolding, a crane and other lift equipment, Durable Restoration will replace the existing sheet metal of the steeple and replace it with fabricated copper. Dormers and decorative elements will also be replaced with copper. Additional work will include the installation of a new membrane underlayment.

“We specialize in steeple restoration,” said Scott Schroer, Durable Restoration’s preservation expert. “It’s a very ornate steeple and iconic structure. To be part of its renewal is a privilege.”

Repairing the steeple while it’s in good condition is quite important; most steeples are the highest point within their vicinity and are unprotected from the high winds generated by storms.

Earlier this month, Durable Restoration crews removed the decorative elements via crane. The removed elements will be used as molds to fabricate matching copper elements, Schroer said. In March, scaffolding will be installed so that artisans will have access to the entire steeple, which represents the topmost portion of the 211-foot building.

General construction will begin in April and the hope is that the restoration will be complete by fall 2018, Schroer said. Gronen Restoration, a Dubuque-based company, is serving as the construction manager on the large-scale project.

Friends of St. Mary’s (FSM), a business operating unit for Steeple Square, spearheaded the restoration of this Gothic-style building after the original St. Mary’s Church closed its doors in 2010. The building now serves as a beacon for affordable housing, educational training and recreational programs.

Built as St. Mary’s Catholic Church between 1864 and 1867, the monument served as an economic, social and educational achievement of its German immigrant parishioners. Today, this soaring landmark of the Dubuque skyline is poised to be reestablished as a center for culture, community and education.

With more than 20 traditional trades performed by our expert artisans, Durable Restoration is unique in the restoration industry.  From our roots as a couple of people working out of a home to a premier, national company with five offices in two states, we have grown the company using the Durable Way.

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