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The integrity of any structure is measured against its ability to remain upright and intact against the force of gravity. That structural stability remains a hallmark of Durable Restoration’s services.

Whether it’s a 200-year-old church or historic monument, structural stability can be threatened by soil erosion, moisture, poorly designed modifications or repairs, substandard, poor quality of materials or craftsmanship and deterioration due to aging.

“We don’t try to move structures back to their original position, just stabilize the walls where they currently are,” said Gary Howes, Durable Restoration’s Executive Vice President. “We then do what structural stabilization is needed to keep any further movement from happening to the best of our abilities while keeping the cost to as much of a minimum as possible for the client.”

Durable Difference: Structural Stabilization

Every structural stabilization project is unique, but certain steps remain consistent from start to finish.

  1. Inspect the current building situation
  2. Correctly diagnose the problem
  3. Determine the means and methods necessary to remove damaged areas safely to be able to make the necessary repairs
    1. Some structural projects require a Structural Engineer to determine the course of action needed
  4. Follow approved drawings from structural engineer to install temporary shoring/supports and make the necessary repairs
  5. Inspect all repairs to make sure all areas are completed as necessary
  6. Completely remove temporary shoring after repairs are finished
  7. Repair any voids from the temporary shoring
  8. Wrap up any final touches and clean grounds

There are several types of structural stabilization that we perform with our own personnel: shoring, underpinning, wood beam replacement or repair, structural steel, foundation repair, threaded rods and plates, and stainless steel rods with structural grout.

In lieu of major reconstruction, some projects can be as minor as re-grading the exterior grade level to direct the water away from the building, Howes said.

Regardless of the repair, Durable Restoration has never had a failed structural stabilization project, and this is an area where the smallest errors and failures are unacceptable.

With more than 20 traditional trades performed by our expert artisans, Durable Restoration is quite unique in the restoration industry.  From our roots as a couple of people working out of a home to a premier, national company with five offices in two states, we have grown the company using the Durable Way.

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