Durable Difference: Specialized Carpentry
Jacob Lammers
AVP of PR/Marketing

Durable Restoration relies on its team of carpenters to provide the framework of excellence from the initial stages through the end product.

As a carpenter, Bob Lynch has spent the last 27 years refining his trade, which is far more than swinging a hammer.

“Good carpentry is square, plumb and level,” said Lynch, who also performs slate, tile and copper repairs for Durable Restoration. “I’ve learned over the years that it’s a matter of understanding how wood works. And it’s hard to put a price tag on that experience.”

Among other areas, Durable Restoration’s expertise extends to nearly everything within the roof such as the decking, soffit, subfascia, fascia and box gutters. Regardless of the structure – brick vs. stone or residential vs. commercial, most have wooden components tied into the building.

Because that wood can be tied into the frame of the house, it’s not enough to fix the damage by putting two boards together, Lynch said.

“If it’s destroyed, I have to take it completely apart; however, I know how to rebuild it so that it doesn’t fall apart 10 years later,” Lynch said.


Much of that expertise relies on Lynch’s intimate knowledge of a particular lumber’s weight distribution and structural stability. And a bit of creativity for more intricate projects like the Belmont County Victorian Museum, which required a complete rebuild of a wrap-around porch.

Oftentimes, the wood of any structure fails due to water infiltration, bugs, poor design or a combination of all three, Lynch said. When rotten wood is detected, it is especially important to fix the issue immediately.

Because of Durable Restoration’s expertise with copper, most carpentry projects will include the installation of a wooden frame with a soldered copper element over top. While it’s tempting to replace the wood and cover the affected section with rubber or a cheaper material, it will not last.

“It’s a short-term solution of 10-15 years if you’re lucky,” Lynch said, “whereas, we come in with our woodworking and copper expertise, and it’s going to last another 80-100 years.”

Bob Lynch has more than 26 years in general construction, specifically in the area of carpentry. As an expert in woodworking, Bob is familiar with both rough carpentry (the framing of a building such as the floor, wall, roof) and final carpentry (trim and casing around joints, counter tops, etc).

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