Jacob Lammers
AVP of PR/Marketing

Durable Restoration completed the structural stabilization of a rare Georgian-style home – built in 1783, preventing its collapse and saving it for future restoration.

With internal and external stabilization in place, Compton Bassett House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Maryland Register of Historic Places in 1983, will be protected from the elements while the owner raises funds for a full restoration.

The mortar of the two-story brick home was virtually gone in certain locations and there were significant cracks throughout the building before Durable Restoration installed the temporary roof; that structure will last for at least five years until the Maryland-National Park and Planning Commission is ready to move forward with restoration.

Owned by the family of Clement Hill Jr. from 1783-1900, Compton Bassett House was bought by the the Maryland-National Park and Planning Commission in 2010.

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